Lynn’s trip starts July 4th with friends driving out to Netherland, Colorado. The first few day will be spent hiking and some bicycle riding in the mountains. July 12th or 13th I will start to ride from Colorado with my trailer and tent to Council Bluffs to the beginning of RAGBRAI where I will hook up with Team Toad. With the support of Team Toad on RAGBRAI I won’t have to haul all my gear. When RAGBRAI is over I will be home in Anamosa July 27th thru August 5th. August 5th I plan to begin the second leg of the trip biking out to Connecticut. This segment of my journey will probably be alot easier as I will have my own personal support team consisting of great friend Dick Stout. He will be driving my new camper each day, finding spots for us to stay each night.

I have fun answering the question, (Lynn are you training to ride RAGBRAI) . When I tell people I plan to ride my bike from Colorado to Conecticut, the next thing they say is your nuts! And they might be right but this ride With the passing of my wife Joan this January I think is all part of creating a new plan in my life, or a new direction, or just new stories. Joan and I were together for 36 years, and we had a plan and a vision, that all changed while we battled 5 1/2 years of cancer. This is not a new story, or unusual story to many, many other people, but now it has happened to Joan & I. I am left here trying to make a new plan, new vision, continue on with rest of my life. Joan and I had plans of riding tandem bike across the States, west coast to east coast. Maybe this is my attempt to make it still happen in some fashion.

Follow my trip as I hopefully learn this how to use this blog, and I post my progress.

Lynn A. Decious